Namaaraalee Braun - Healthy Habits Challenge 2017

Changing lifestyle habits and introducing exercise has seen Namaaraalee Braun lose 20kg and now kicking goals she never dreamed possible - all in 11 weeks. Read below her incredible story of transformation. Congratulations Namaaraalee thank you for believing in you!

My youngest baby started school and I knew it was time for me to get back on track with my health and fitness, but was not sure how to do it. A close friend who has been going to His and Her Time for a long while encouraged me numerous times to reach out to Anna. I was so ashamed and embarrassed that I almost felt paralysed to take the first step. I talked about it for months and then finally called Anna to chat about where I should start. Well, it was that night!

I was so nervous with feelings of being too unfit, too heavy, too far gone. I was frightened of being judged. The moment I arrived Anna made me feel extremely welcome and supported, along with the entire group that was there on that occasion. I immediately felt relieved. Retrospectively, reaching out was the biggest hurdle for me.

I started out not being able to run at all or do most of the exercises, but I did what I could and persisted. I have been attending at least 3 sessions per week for 11 weeks, have completed one healthy habits 8 week challenge and am into my second now. I have just returned from the Cape Jervis His and Her Time Adventure where we walked 55km along the Heysen Trail in 2 days. This is something I would never have dreamt possible 11 short weeks ago.

I have made long term goals with Anna's wisdom and guidance, committing to community events both locally and overseas including the 2018 New York marathon. I have lost 20kg but what I have gained is much more. Health, positivity, belief in myself and wonderful new friends. I've been given the tools and support to change my life in a holistic and sustainable way. 
I would urge anyone who thinks it's too hard or you're too embarrassed or you're too out of shape to take that first step. I'm so thrilled I did, it's been wonderful to get my life back. I can't wait to see where I end up!

For more information regarding the H Time Healthy Habits Challenges or the His and Her Time Outdoor Fitness Sessions please contact Anna on 0403 245 380. Please share this inspirational story with your friends, it is never too late for anyone to make changes.

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