Ekiden Relay 2017

"Wonderful day with some of the H Timers. An Eikiden Relay which is a shared marathon between 6 runners! Finally I can say I have run under 3 hours! I can now hang up my runners!! Thanks to our beautiful supporters too xx" -  Anna Liptak

"Congratulations Team Red, the His and Her Time team that successfully completed the Eikiden Relay in Adelaide today. For a 'non running' group we certainly proved that we could run as good as, if not slightly better than some of the running clubs in Adelaide. We may lift weights but we can also hold our own in running to, well done team! Next year we need to enter as many His and Her Time teams as possible, lots of fun to be a part of a group, rather than always running individually. Beautiful day! Thank you to our lovely support crew too!!" - Anna Liptak

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