I'm Not a Runner

Hero Shot 5

A documentary to be released 2020


When five women who haven’t run in years decide to take on the world’s biggest marathon they run head first into the rarely shown truth of challenging personal self-doubt. Along the way they discover the liberation that comes from striving for an unlikely goal and achieving it, within a documentary that is real, raw, funny and overwhelmingly inspiring.


Our journey begins in Australia, with a likeable group of ‘ordinary’ women ranging in age from 35 to 73, with little athletic background, who set themselves one seemingly impossible goal- to complete the New York City Marathon.

As they attempt to re-write their personal stories we uncover issues that are common to many women. Issues that have led them to a limited view of what they can do physically and, often, mentally. Among the areas explored are; ageing, obesity, cancer, depression, divorce and parental sacrifices. We also discover that these women are not hiding from their pasts. They are instead running towards the future and towards being better versions of themselves.

Over the course of 18 months they are guided along the path of transformation by Anna, a coach with unique insights into the challenges faced by women who are traditionally uncomfortable with health, fitness and exercise.

Shot entirely on location in South Australia and New York, this production features picturesque Australian seaside training locations, archive footage and intimate personal video diaries. After 18 months of preparation, the streets of New York bare witness to these five personal dramas which are captured from all angles courtesy of two roadside location cameras, 80 hours of raw GoPro footage and the combined resources of IMG Replay and New York Road Runners footage.

I’m not a Runner is a film about taking risks, about the power and joy of giving your body a chance to prove "you’re not who you think you are".

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