Healthy Habits Challenges

The Challenge has been designed to foster a 100% committed to a Healthy Lifestyle, as well as to 100% committed to oneself.

The program combines diet and exercise challenges daily; each challenge is awarded points. Points gained by individual participants will be accumulated over the entire challenge.

On completion of the challenge you will achieve a well‐rounded healthy lifestyle which you can then maintain for life.

Prior to the commencement date, each participant will be measured and weighed.

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The first challenge will be a 10 day detox – with a re‐measurement of each participant at the end of the 10 days.

Further measurements will be taken throughout the Challenge.

“The 8 week challenge has been a spring board for different choices with food and activity. There has been support and accountability along with variety to keep me interested and engaged during the challenge. I have learnt so much about myself and look forward to challenging myself in the future to be the best I can be.” Deb

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  • Private online group for support, information and to chat with other challenge members about your goals and progress;
  • Prizes for best overall weight loss percentage and person with highest overall score (exercise and diet challenges weekly);
  • 1-on-1 meetings throughout the challenge, measurements and goals are set and monitored throughout;
  • Personalised support offered throughout the 6 weeks;
  • Nutrition guidelines, support, recipes, food diary and more;
  • Weekly exercise and lifestyle challenges


  1. The commitment
  2. The motivation to make changes
  3. The drive to find the healthier you.
  4. A pedometer of sorts

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“During the 8 weeks I have not only learnt what my body needs but I must admit I am blown away with how much I enjoy my new menu options. 8 weeks ago I struggled through a 5km run and my body had its fair share of  aches and pains after. Today I can run 14km easily and a lot faster too, I strongly believe this has so much to do with my diet rather than fitness. I have found a new lifestyle and I must thank Anna for guiding me.” Andrew

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