Team App

His and Her Time’s Group Outdoor Fitness information is communicated by a free App called ‘TeamApp’. TeamApp is compatible with both Android and Apple Smartphone’s and is used as the primary form of notification for changes to venues (especially on days with extreme weather conditions) / locations / events / challenges and other information.

Once you have set up your payments for our sessions please download Team App onto your Smartphone. Download Team App via this link ( If you don't have a smartphone, please advise us so you can be added manually and you will receive email notifications rather than live notifications on your Smartphone.

Instructions to set up Team App on your Smartphone:

  • Download Team App
  • Sign up using your preferred email address
  • Log in to Team App
  • Search for His and Her Time and click on the result with the His & Her Time logo
  • Request access to group(s) that apply to you.
  • Setup your personal details in the ‘Member Details’ section including emergency contact details
  • Slide the toggles for the Access Groups you wish to join. Access Groups are the days you come to training, it does not matter if you select all days, it just means you will receive notifications for those days via either push notifications or emails. If you do not select a specific day you will not receive notifications on that day.
  • Click 'Continue' and your request to join the sessions/access groups will be sent to an Administrator for approval

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