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His and Her Time Group Outdoor Fitness encourages people of all ages and sizes to move, have fun and enjoy living a healthy life. It makes fitness fun and affordable whilst providing individual support, motivation and encouragement.

Our sessions combine the affordability of a typical gym membership with the highly tailored and personalised nature of a personal training program providing motivation and guidance to offer uniquely personalised training to focus on your specific needs.  Unlike a gym, our setting is the beautiful outdoors with sessions held along the picturesque beaches and the lush open air parks in the Holdfast Bay council area spanning between Marino and West Beach and we also are excited to introduce our NEW LOCATION Everard Park.

Spending time outside offers participants many health benefits including improved mood and better mental health.  His and Her Time creates a nurturing and energising environment for everyone, promoting success and well-being. Our mission is to have every participant leave their training session feeling better than when they arrived. His and Her Time also encourages clients to set goals, make plans and dream big!

The group fitness sessions combine a variety of cardiovascular and strength training including boxing, resistance, running, circuits, amongst other exercises.  Our sessions are creative and innovative with the composition of classes ever-changing.

We offer over 10 outdoor fitness sessions per week so all you have to do is select the session days and times that best suits your lifestyle.  Some His & Her Time participants use the sessions to maintain regular fitness whilst other participants use the sessions as part of their preparation for a particular event or goal.

His and Her Time have wet weather venues, so sessions will be run rain, hail or shine!

Customise your own outdoor group fitness program that suits you today and feel better about yourself tomorrow!

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