Payment & Terms and Conditions

Direct debit from a bank account or Visa/Mastercard via fortnightly or monthly Ezipay (no contract*)

Click here to download the Ezidebit form.

Outdoor Group Fitness pricing varies depending on the number of sessions per week the attendee selects to suit their lifestyle. 1, 2, 3 or 4+ sessions per week are available starting from as low as $10 per session.  

* No contract or minimum terms however we do require 2 weeks notice to cancel or hold your payments.  Minimum hold is one week or a makeup session is available for session(s) missed.

Make Up Sessions

Each participant is responsible for attending the number of sessions per week that they have paid for.  Should a participant miss a session(s), for any reason, the session must be made up within the calendar month that the session was missed or the session(s) will be forfeited.  To be entitled to make up a session your payments must be up-to-date or the missed sessions are automatically forfeited.  If you book for a makeup session (eg a Saturday session) and are then unable to attend, this session will be forfeited.  If sessions are missed due to an injury or a medical certificate has been acquired an alternative arrangement can be agreed.

Health and Fitness Appraisal Form

Please download and complete the Health and Fitness Appraisal Form.

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