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Research has shown that Workplace Health and Wellness Programs bring physical, mental and emotional benefits to employees, as well as financial benefits to employers.

Some of the benefits of It’s Time Health and Wellness Programs for employees, include:

  • Stress related issues reduced;
  • An increase in trust, satisfaction, engagement and loyalty;
  • An improvement in mental and physical health;
  • Better focus and longer concentration achieved in the workplace;
  • Improved workplace morale and alignment with company values;
  • Fostering of community feeling in the workplace.

Benefits accruing to the employer, as a direct result of the tangible employee benefits, are:

  • Reduced absenteeism;
  • Reduced staff turnover, leading to reduced recruitment and training costs;
  • Improved performance and productivity;
  • Gaining a reputation as an "employer of choice".


The It’s Time Health and Wellness Challenge is delivered in the following format:

  • Organisations, divisions, or teams will commit to an 8-Week Challenge Program.
  • The 8-Week Challenge Program will commence with a 45-minute introduction to the participating group. This introduction provides information relating to health, fitness and the importance of these as a regular part of one’s life.
  • Measurements, including blood pressure and girth measurements, are taken for each participant (a one-on-one 15-minute meeting with each person takes place. This process is repeated each fortnight).
  • Daily and weekly challenges are posted to each participant, via a closed Facebook page. Each challenge carries points. On successful completion of a set of challenges, the points achieved by the participant for the set are recorded on a weekly basis.
  • The motivation for each individual is to achieve a significant "points score", and perhaps even to achieve the highest score within the participating group. A further incentive is offered by way of a prize, which is awarded at the conclusion of the Challenge for the person who is able to achieve the greatest "points score", plus the highest percentage of weight loss over the period.

The prize awarded at the conclusion of the Challenge is at the discretion and cost of the entity engaging the services of His and Her Time.

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