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Adventure Time Travel was established to take people all over Australia and the world to participate in team events, running events, hikes and marathons.  Our goal is to turn our participant’s goals into reality.  

This aspect of the His and Her Time business offers personalised service and rather than simply advertising our events, the team here at Its Adventure Time have participated in events throughout the world.  USA, France, China, Vanuatu, New Zealand and of course throughout Australia.  Coordinating events and marathons are not just a job for us, they are our passion too.

Since 2007 in conjunction with His and Her Time, It’s Adventure Time has taken groups all over the world to many team events and marathons including: Vanuatu Round Island Relay; Lake Taupo Great Lake Team Relay, Uluru Marathon; Sydney Marathon; Barossa Marathon; Clare Valley Half marathon; New York Marathon; Boston Marathon; Great Wall China Marathon; Paris Marathon; Berlin Marathon; Gold Coast Marathon, Melbourne Marathon, Cairns 3 Marathons in 3 Days. Visit Adventure Time Travel for more details. 

We love to see our clients turn their dreams into reality enabling them to participate in events that they otherwise may not be able to get access to individual entry tickets and to be part of a group and team environment. 

Our tours involve all ages and fitness levels and cater to people travelling with children also.

The best way we can look after our clients is to actually be there for you which is why at our major events an It’s Adventure Time representative will also be there to look after any additional needs you may have – our Team are with you every step of the way on your journey to your event and to assist in passing on information and to allow you to communicate with your fellow runners, we have a private forum specifically for each of our major events.  This is exclusive to Its Adventure Time participants and acts as a forum where you can organise training runs with fellow participants, ask questions, post pictures and feel a part of the excitement before arriving at the event.

The His and Her Time Fitness and Health and Wellness elements compliment the It’s Adventure Time Travel aspect of the business and many clients cross over through each section of the business as they make holistic changes to their lifestyle by establishing healthy habits and training regimes in exercise, improved nutrition, hydration, rest and relaxation in their day-to-day lives which culminates in happier and healthier clients.

We take care of accommodation, flights, events, group meals and team activities... leave it to us!!


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