Anna Liptak

Community Fitness Instructor of the Year, 2007 and Runner Up 2008, Anna Liptak has been involved in fitness and sport for many years.

Finalist in the Small Business Awards Australia 2017.

Prior to this she was an Event Manager – managing events all over Australia.

I thrive on working with people and am extremely creative and passionate about creating professional marketing campaigns, which make a lasting impact.

I initiated and registered His and Her Time, Group Outdoor Fitness as a business entity, which has from its inception become an institution for many in the Holdfast Bay Council Area.

His and Her Time, Group Outdoor Fitness, began as an incidental business in 2005, when I decided to forgo full time employment to enable me to remain home with my children. It was initially set up as a hobby-business with the intention of earning some spending money of my own. However, I believe that due to my acumen in Marketing and Event Management the business took off and within two weeks it showed the hallmarks of a successful small business.

I have worked tirelessly over the past ten years to ensure the brand of His and Her Time, Group Outdoor Fitness is positioned appropriately in the community by constantly updating the brand and image over the years.

Over the period I have with worked with hundreds of people, encouraging and enabling many to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I have implemented multiple marketing campaigns, events and raised over $500,000 for charities throughout Adelaide (Cancer Council; Jodie Lee Foundation; Malawai School, South Africa). In 2015, I worked with the Asthma Foundation, as a contractor, marketing the Paris Marathon with all funds raised going directly to The Asthma Foundation.

Prior to registering His and Her Time, Group Outdoor Fitness I was an independent contractor, a marketing event consultant.

In this role, I undertook the responsibility of Marketing and Events Management for the Adelaide Airport Opening. This responsibility included management of The Public Open Day, which catered for over 100,000 visitors and the Prime Minister’s Dinner, in addition to ten, or so, minor but significant complementing events. In this role, I was required to deal with public and private stakeholders to ensure the smooth delivery of all events. All events were deemed a huge success. I was responsible for all advertising and development of promotional material. I managed a large team of volunteers, performers, caterers, and Government representatives, all of whom were required to assist with the memorable Opening of The Adelaide Airport.

I was also engaged by the Northern Territory Health Department as Marketing Manager to conceptualise, develop and implement various marketing campaigns, including the rolling out of The No Tobacco in Restaurants and Other Public Places campaign.

As a a contractor, I also delivered marketing campaigns and events for many national clients, including: Jacob’s Creek; Mitsubishi; the State Government of South Australia.

I established the Northern Territory office for Augment Communications in Darwin and continued as Manager of Events and Marketing.

Here I worked specifically on many Jacob’s Creek and Mitsubishi events throughout Australia. One specific event for which I received enormous accolades was for The Jacob’s Creek X-Sport Games prepared for their International Executive Team. This event was staged over eight days, commencing in the Barossa Valley and concluding in Sydney, just prior to the commencement of the Olympic Games. This was a one-off, creative event, for which I was given complete responsibility. This included developing and writing scripts, designing sets and sourcing many and varied suppliers. Following the successful conclusion of this event, I was appointed the preferred Events Manager for Jacob’s Creek.

As Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator for State Theatre South Australia, I worked on multiple campaigns for individual productions and, in addition, was also solely responsible for The Schools Program and The Under 26’s Passport Program.

Additionally, I have managed and overseen hundreds of events ranging from small-scale events (quiz nights, movie nights, raffles) to medium scale functions (fundraising dinners, auctions), to national and international events (taking executive groups all over the world, to large scale, multimillion dollar Team 10-Day events, such as groups from Jacob’s Creek and Mitsubishi).

I am extremely efficient and creative and confident in my ability to bring these skills to each and every marketing campaign that is entrusted to me. I have the ability to inspire and lead by example.

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