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His and Her Time provides fitness and health services and has been serving the community for over 15 years.

His and Her Time Group Outdoor Fitness encourages people of all ages and sizes to move, have fun and enjoy living a healthy life. It makes fitness fun and affordable whilst providing individual support, motivation and encouragement.

Combining the affordability of a typical gym membership with the highly tailored and personalised nature of a personal training program to offer uniquely personalised membership programs.

Unlike a gym, our setting is the beautiful outdoors, of Seacliff and Holdfast Bay

We create a nurturing and energising environment for everyone, promoting success and well-being. Our mission is to have every participant leave their training session feeling better than when they arrived. His and Her Time also encourages clients to set goals, make plans and dream big!

His & Her Time will help you to set and achieve health and fitness goals you never thought imaginable, find a new level of confidence in your body and even make supportive new friends.


Fitness Coaching – Group Fitness Sessions: www.hisandhertime.ptminder.com

Health & Wellness – Individual Wellness Coaching and Mentoring and Healthy Habit Challenges: register your interest here: 

Adventure Time Travel (ATT) – His and Her Time, through its travelling adventure arm, Adventure Time, has taken clients all over the turning participants dreams into reality. ATT is a boutique marathon travel company that specialises in providing premium quality events. Local and International Fitness Events: www.adventuretimetravel.com.au




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